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XXDD 1 year ago
8:11 sorry guys HSJAJAKAJAKAJA
4 years ago
Shynotshyguy 11 months ago
I need someone with her energy
Name? 3 years ago
1 year ago
Curious 1 month ago
Anyone else notice she has a ring and he doesn't
Dammit… 1 year ago
Dammit. From the preview I thought this was a former coworker. Turns out to be a ripped-off-from-the-“C” video of some bimbo. Which would be alright, except the video doesn’t show enough of the goodness I came for.

CAMERA PEOPLE: Quit showing so much of the people’s faces (aka ALL THE TIME) and get the camera in the area it matters most — and don’t use zoom to do so, actually get in there!!)
Hola 2 years ago
Es septiembre pecadores
Lil peep 2 years ago
:(volvere por la mañana
Chuy 2 years ago
Que Riko